Synrix Cloud Services

After chasing numerous hosting providers to satisfy all our quirks, we thought we could do a better job ourselves. Thus, the SynriX Cloud Services Platform was born. Your best Open Source environment.

Our offer is designed to provide clients with more complex platforms than those supported by traditional housing solutions. Synrix Cloud Services was built to fulfill your requirements, not limit them to a standardized approach.

Within the Cloud Services category, the following services deserve special notice:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
  • Hosting in a dedicated Virtual Server
  • Hosting in a dedicated Physical Server
  • Dedicate Virtualization Server (Private Cloud)
  • High Availability Services
  • Centralized Backups with guarantee of geographical redundancy
  • External monitoring of servers and services

All Cloud services provided by SynriX can adjusted to fit the clients’ needs and are not limited to pre-existing standard packages.